We are open but due to social distancing measures are only serving from the door...hopefully that will change soon....

About Us

Hi and welcome to Sage’s Health Store. I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce myself and tell you a little about my story. 
I’m Sage; I’m a qualified pharmacist with over 20 years of experience in the industry and have a passion for natural health and wellbeing.
Back in 2003 I bought an independent pharmacy in Covent Garden. It was here that I hired a herbalist/naturopath and introduced food intolerance testing, reiki, reflexology and homeopathy. 

I now believe strongly that good health comes from both what we put in and, also importantly, on our bodies. 

Within five years I’d replaced my entire stock with natural products: think shampoos, body washes, skincare, makeup and even dental floss! I also started recommending natural alternatives for health care instead of conventional medicines.

In 2017 I decided I wanted to do something closer to home to follow my passion: I’ve lived in Surbiton all my life and absolutely love the area, so I knew that this would be the dream location for a new business. 

I sold the pharmacy in London, took a sabbatical to spent some time at home with my children and and in 2018 secured a place for a natural health and beauty store on Brighton Road in Surbiton - now home to Sage’s Health Store.
With extensive knowledge of the best natural health products on the market, I’ve filled Sage’s Health Store with my very favourite products (and those of my previous customers!). As a qualified pharmacist, I’m happy to provide advice and guidance across a whole range of health areas. I also have some really lovely products which will make thoughtful, personal gifts, so please do pop by; to browse, check out the store, ask advice and to say hello!
We have more access to products than what we have stocked in-store so have increased the range online. Please call in advance to see if the product online is available in-store. 
We also have a lot more items in-store that are not available online. 
We also provide a service where we can order items for the next working day if you call or pop in before 4pm.